The CELLAR Wine Club Summer 2023 Release

  As the balmy days of summer gently give way to the golden hues of autumn, we are thrilled to introduce a trio of wines that will undoubtedly become cherished companions during your family gatherings. These exclusive selections have been carefully curated to enhance the joy and togetherness that define this season of transition. We […]

The CELLAR Wine Club Spring 2023 Release

Dear Member, We are thrilled to introduce three new additions to our wine selection this quarter, each showcasing the unique and distinct characteristics of their respective regions. As we are breaking into the barbecue and outdoor dining season, we searched far and wide to bring you the best of the best, as we transition to […]

Announcing: Liquid Loyalist Rewards Points

At LiquidKosher, we are always looking for ways to reward our customers for their loyalty and patronage. We understand that every dollar you spend is hard-earned, and we want to make sure that you feel appreciated for choosing us as your shopping destination. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Liquid Loyalist points rewards […]

The CELLAR Wine Club 2023 Winter Release!

As everyone slowly defrosts from a cold winter, it’s time to warm up with a fresh selection of interesting and top quality wines. This quarter has a lovely combination of wine from around the world, featuring authentic wine styles that represent the highest and best examples of wine from their respective regions. Happy to present […]

2023 Will Be…

Wow, 2022 has been one of the most exciting years ever for Liquid Kosher. Now 2023 is here and we have a whole year’s worth of exciting releases from around the world, that will have something for everyone. Look out for a nice mix of wine that will be ready to enjoy upon release, and […]

Wine Routes: Domaine Roses Camille

This was a piece written by Andrew following his first visit to Pomerol, Bordeaux several years ago. Hopefully, this will take you right into the thick of it, for some near first hand mental imagery. Read and enjoy!  The Road Through Bordeaux Many of our clients think that life as a Sommelier, retailer, product sourcing […]

The Most Popular Kosher Wines of 2022

Wow, 2022 has been one of the most exciting years ever for Liquid Kosher. With an abundance of Bordeaux that were both drinkable now and able to age, two quickly sold out California releases, Single Vineyard Israeli wines, and an enticing mix of white and rose wines at tempting price points, this year has had […]

Fall CELLAR Wine Club Release Details

Kosher Wine Selection Premium

Greetings!  It’s my favorite time of year. The days get shorter, the nights are longer, and every evening seems like the perfect occasion to have a hearty, slow cooked meal with the perfect bottle of wine. This quarter, we might as well have included a recipe guide with this fabulous assortment of wine that just […]

CELLAR Wine Club: Summer Release

Cellar Wine Club - Best Kosher Wine

It’s been a long, hot, American summer, to borrow from popular culture in describing both the oppressive heat this year, as well as how busy we’ve been here at LiquidKosher, preparing for  fantastic Fall and Winter seasons ahead. As you’ve certainly seen by now, after many years we have moved towards sending more diverse wines […]

Tips for Summer Wine Drinking

If you are like me, you find yourself drinking differently at different times in the year. With respect to spirits, winter is for scotch whiskey and bourbon old fashioned, and summer tends to be tequila spritzers and other refreshing drinks with clear spirits. When it comes to wine, for some it doesn’t ever really be […]

Visiting Timbre Winery and Retrospective Tasting

VISIT WITH TIMBRE WINERY Last week I was fortunate to have been able to shlep myself up to Timbre Winery in San Luis Obispo, CA. My friend Joshua Klapper who is the owner and winemaker thought it would be worthwhile to get together and do some barrel tasting and blending for our series of 2021 […]

Cellar Club: Updated Notes and Drinking Windows

DRINKING WINDOWS: CLUB WINES I have been asked to update on some past Club releases in case you are still holding any of these bottles (which is great to do when possible). Happy reading, and happier drinking. If you have any specific questions about cellaring wine or building a wine collection, please reach out using […]

CELLAR Club: Spring Release Letter 2022

I hope you had a lovely Passover season. Ideally, you made a generous dent in your cellar, enjoying your best bottles with family and friends. If that is not the point of acquiring, cellaring, and aging fine wines, I don’t know what is. Thankfully, the CELLAR Club has an enticing release that will replace your […]

CELLAR Club: Winter Release Letter 2022

We are ramping up for a very busy and exciting 2022 for the CELLAR Wine Club. We have a year’s worth of new, high quality wines from both new and familiar wineries from around the world. I am very excited to share this first release of 2022 with you, featuring a comparative selection of Cabernet-Merlot […]

CELLAR Club: Fall Release Letter

We all survived the early “holiday season” this year, and now the Fall CELLAR Club Box is coming at the perfect time to refresh your stock. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather cools, and we start opening deeper wines to complement the hearty, comfort foods of the season. In […]