Elevate Your Wine Collection


Liquid Kosher is a curated wine experience for those seeking quality kosher wines, that are vetted by wine experts. We feature some of the world’s best kosher wines, created by family producers that are committed to excellence. Our main feature is our wine club – The Cellar – and we also feature an online store with many other excellent options that are available for your enjoyment.

Additionally, Liquid Kosher is proud to offer the following services:

  • Virtual/Zoom tastings for high level donors of non profit organizations, complete with custom wine selection delivered to your patrons (donor give-backs).
  • Wine Collection planning and bulk ordering for family offices, family retreats, and medium to large events.
  • Luxury wine assortments shipped to Vacation Homes, Resorts, and hotels nationwide.

Our relationship-based approach to buying and selling Kosher Wine ensures that you always have access to rare and excellent wine selections.

Please contact us for your custom proposal: sales@liquidkosher.com


Liquid Kosher is the culmination of years of experience in the wine industry at the very highest levels. Andrew started in the wine industry in 2002 and has been a Certified Sommelier since 2004. Since becoming kosher during this journey, Andrew has made it his work to find or create the kosher wines that are on par with the what the world is enjoying. His experience combines to pair the highest level of customer satisfaction with the finest wines the world has to offer, which happen to be kosher. His passion and appreciation has taken him around the world in the pursuit of sourcing the finest and most unique kosher wines.

“My passion is taking the guesswork out of choosing the finest Kosher Wine. I love introducing my clients to some of the most amazing wines from around the world, without ever compromising on quality.”

For more insight on the man behind your beautiful wine collection and to learn more about kosher wines, listen to the Kosher Sommelier Podcast available from the Apple Store.