Introducing Broad Brush: Elegance in Every Glass

Introducing Broad Brush: Elegance in Every Glass

At Liquid Kosher, we celebrate the art of winemaking and the diversity it brings to our palates. With our new brand, Broad Brush, we invite you to explore a refined side of California wines, one that defies common perceptions and highlights the elegance and uniqueness of our winegrowing regions.

Challenging the Norm

California wines are often perceived as big, juicy, and heavy, lacking the finesse found in other wine regions. However, this view fails to capture the true diversity and sophistication that California winemaking offers. At Broad Brush, we aim to highlight these nuances and showcase the intricate beauty of our vineyards.

Elegance in Diversity

Broad Brush is dedicated to crafting elegance-driven wines that truly express the unique characteristics of their terroirs. We focus on varietals that shine in their specific sites, bringing out the distinct flavors and aromas that the land imparts. Our wines are a testament to the meticulous care and artistry of our winemakers.

The 2021 Central Coast Harvest

The 2021 vintage on California’s Central Coast was remarkable for its near-perfect growing conditions. A long, warm growing season with minimal rainfall and cooler nights allowed for extended ripening periods, enhancing the development of complex flavors and balanced acidity. The result was a harvest that yielded exceptional fruit quality, characterized by vibrant flavors, deep color, and fine tannins.

Inaugural Release: Celebrating Unique Terroirs

We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural release of Broad Brush wines, featuring two standout varietals from the 2021 vintage:

– 2021 Cabernet Franc from Vogelzang Vineyard: Nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley, Vogelzang Vineyard is renowned for its exceptional terroir. Our Cabernet Franc showcases the vineyard’s unique microclimate, offering aromas of dark cherry, blackberry, and subtle hints of spice. The palate is elegant and refined, with silky tannins and a long, expressive finish.

– 2021 Syrah from Donati Vineyard: Located in the heart of the Central Coast, Donati Vineyard provides ideal conditions for Syrah. This wine is a true expression of its origin, with layers of dark fruit, black pepper, and earthy undertones. The balanced acidity and rich texture make it a perfect representation of the elegance and complexity that Broad Brush stands for.

Discover Our Collection

Each bottle of Broad Brush is a journey into the heart of California’s diverse wine regions. From the cool coastal vineyards to the sun-kissed inland valleys, our wines reflect the varied climates and soils that make California such a rich tapestry of winemaking. Whether you are savoring our delicate Cabernet Franc or our robust Syrah, you will find a harmony and balance that speaks to the elegance we strive for in every bottle. And, we have more exciting releases from other heritage sites, coming up soon.

Join Us in Redefining California Wines

We invite you to join us in redefining what California wines can be. With Broad Brush, you will experience wines that are not just bold and robust, but also refined and graceful. Each sip is a celebration of the diverse winemaking styles and the beautiful regions that California has to offer.

Discover the elegance of Broad Brush and elevate your wine experience with Liquid Kosher.