CELLAR Club: Spring Release Letter

I am very excited to bring you this CELLAR Club Spring Release. This quarter, we have a stunning combination of important blends from around the world. Starting with the most alluring new blend California has to offer, and rounding out in Bordeaux with a stacked Cabernet Sauvignon dominated blend, this release will pair perfectly with […]

CELLAR Club: Winter Release Letter

We are excited to begin a new year of fantastic releases, where our CELLAR Club members get priority access to excellent wines that deliver value at every price point. This past year, we saw the addition of Lahat Wines, a perennial star of the Israeli boutique wine scene. We also added a fantastic series of […]

Bordeaux Favorites for Cellaring and Aging

Aging wine is one of the most interesting aspects of wine collecting and enjoyment. There is an excitement of tasting a wine over months and years, as it develops in the bottle from something delicious to something exceptional and interesting. It’s always a joy to rediscover a wine in your cellar that has been undisturbed […]

Welcoming Itay Lahat and Lahat Wines

Itay Lahat

I started Liquid Kosher in 2009 and never thought about importing wine from Israel. Our brand focused on high end French wines, and Israeli wines were not quite on our radar. Finally in 2018,  we were matched with Ya’acov Oryah Wines. I thought it would be 10 more years until we found another Israeli winery […]

Wine Routes: Kosher Burgundy Trail

Le Cave

Please enjoy this previously unpublished memoir from my trip to the region last year. -Andrew Everything does really happen for a reason. All I wanted to do was sleep, but I had the extreme fortune of being seated next to the friendliest person in France. After sitting down next to me on the train in […]

Upon Tariffs on Tipples

While most of these posts have been chipper and inquisitive, if I do say so myself, this one is going to be a real downer. Why, you may ask? Isn’t wine all fun and joy, a business filled with long lunches and contemplative tastings. Not so. Well, not mostly so, although those are some major […]

Orange Wines Are Here to Stay

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure it was going to work. Our portfolio, chock full of prized wines from the bellwether regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy, would now come to include a class of wines that were considered on the fringe. Some have even called them flawed winemaking, dismissing the genre out of […]

Bordeaux: A Buyer’s Market

Photo of sommelier Andrew Breskin with giant bottle of Domaine Roses Camille.

It’s always fun explaining to people that when I travel to Bordeaux, it’s part of my job. I get the groans and eye rolls, and of course “tough life” and “must be nice,” etc. The truth is, I am very fortunate to include these travels and experiences as part of my work life, full stop. […]

White Wines: New Realities

Close up photography of Oryah series of wines

From Andrew, your Kosher Sommelier: I had a mentor in my early years of learning about and tasting wine, a curmudgeonly lifelong bachelor who worked in a retail store. I wouldn’t say he was lovable, or that he enjoyed my company much, since I was not a big buyer and asked more than my fair […]

Burgundy: Essence and Importance

The Road to Burgundy The progression of taste among wine lovers in the kosher world and broader wine world is somewhat parallel. First, budding connoisseurs are intrigued with fruit forward wines with strong oak flavors, big tannins, and generous mouthfeel. Gradually the tendency will spread towards similar fruit forward styles, within the same new world […]


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