Announcing: Liquid Loyalist Rewards Points

At LiquidKosher, we are always looking for ways to reward our customers for their loyalty and patronage. We understand that every dollar you spend is hard-earned, and we want to make sure that you feel appreciated for choosing us as your shopping destination. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Liquid Loyalist points rewards system, which offers great benefits to wine lovers like you.

The new Liquid Loyalist points rewards system is simple yet effective. All customers receive 1% back in the form of points that can be redeemed for any merchandise. So, if you spend $100, you’ll receive 1 point, which is equivalent to $1. You can then use these points to purchase any merchandise on our online store. Round out your order with a couple extra bottles, or go for that older vintage!

But that’s not all: Members of the CELLAR Wine Club receive 1.5% back on all purchases. Members receive 10% off all purchases. The Club is easy to sign up for, so if you’re not already a member, we encourage you to join today. As a member, you’ll receive 1.5 points for every $100 spent.

And for our most loyal customers who spend over $5000 per year, we have an exclusive offer. These customers are able to receive 3% back on all purchases, on top of other discounts. This is our way of saying thank you for your continued patronage and loyalty.

To get started with our points rewards system, all you need to do is create an account on our website. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view your points balance and redeem your points for any merchandise. You can even combine your points with other discounts or promotions to save even more money. When you’re ready to redeem your points, simply add the items you want to your cart and select the option to pay with points. The number of points required for each item will be displayed, and you can choose how many points you want to use.

In summary, our Liquid Loyalist points rewards system is a great way to earn rewards while shopping at your favorite online Kosher wine store. With rewards for all customers, extra rewards for club members, and even more rewards for our most loyal customers, there’s something for everyone. So start earning points today, and start redeeming them for the merchandise you love!

Shop Now and Start Earning – Thank you for Loyalty!