The Most Popular Kosher Wines of 2022

Wow, 2022 has been one of the most exciting years ever for Liquid Kosher. With an abundance of Bordeaux that were both drinkable now and able to age, two quickly sold out California releases, Single Vineyard Israeli wines, and an enticing mix of white and rose wines at tempting price points, this year has had something for everyone. So before we get into what is coming in 2023, here’s a recap of our most popular wines of 2022! (Honorable mentions to two extremely popular and sold out wines from last year, 2019 Castelbruck Margaux and 2019 Timbre Pinot Noir).

2015 Domaine Roses Camille, Pomerol, Bordeaux: Better than the top brand name Bordeaux you’re used to, with two unique features. This is entirely sourced from a single old vines estate in the most exclusive neighborhood of Bordeaux. And, this is a 100% kosher production (so you won’t find a non kosher version at half the price). From the luscious 2015 vintage, this wine has great fruit with excellent balance and structure. It tastes like giving your palate a great big hug of pure Bordeaux refinery. Overwhelming and amazing. You have to try this wine to believe it.

2019 Chateau Haut-Breton Larigaudiere, Margaux, Bordeaux: This wine opens with the intense aromatics that is associated with the Margaux region of Bordeaux. Loads of Cabernet-heavy blue fruit mixed with herbs and dark chocolate. Very full-bodied and concentrated with firm, powdery tannins. This wine can be enjoyed now with 1-2 hours of opening time. The wine will start closed and reserved, but gradually the fruit will emerge followed by monster tannins. This is a wine to enjoy now in moderation, and put away as much as possible for future enjoyment and development. Taste alongside other Margaux wines for comparison. A true under the radar jewel of the region.

2018 Clos Lavaud, Lalande de Pomerol, Bordeaux: Clos Lavaud remains a real hidden treat among the Liquid Kosher offerings. This wine is a small production blend to begin with, and is promptly gobbled up by savvy wine drinkers with an eye towards value. This is only the fourth vintage of this wine ever produced, and the second that we’ve been able to offer our club members. Lalande de Pomerol is a very small “neither here nor there” appellation, carved out of Pomerol proper by a narrow stream, more comparable to one of the many satellite regions of St Emilion. But there is just something about Lavaud that makes it so appealing and delicious, it just begs to be opened now. A bit lighter than Pomerol, and more refined than the St Emilion wines, this one always lands at being “just right.”

2016 Echo Roses Camille, Pomerol Bordeaux: From one of my favorite years of this vineyard, this wine is certainly among the best values in Bordeaux. Also, one of the best wines to age for the price. Always full of velvety elegance, this wine is characteristically aromatic with a distinct mineral flair. Pure opulence with silky, polished tannins give this wine a luxurious mouth feel. An essential wine for Bordeaux die-hards and newcomers alike. You won’t find someone who doesn’t like this wine.

2017 Chantal Lescure Pommard, Burgundy: We took on the last remaining inventory of this wine and we are sure glad we did, as it slowly goes away (forever?). This excellent release from Chantal Lescure is the perfect balance of traditional Burgundy elements of style, finesse, and power cloaked in elegance. harnessing the natural balance of the 2017 vintage, the richness of the vineyard shines through without being overpowered by strong tannins or high alcohol. The balance and appeal on this wine is “just right” in a deceptively inviting way. Top 10 Kosher Burgundies, Ever!

2020 Pavillon de Vieux Chantre, Bordeaux: I think the very complicated French name is helping keep this lovely little wine appropriately under the radar. There has never been as much of a reorder demand from a Club wine as there was for this little tipple, and for good reason.  Big and juicy, but not cloying, and with plenty of texture and class. This is a lovely Bordeaux for the expert and novice alike. It’s young and appealing, but don’t be deceived, this is still a high class wine that is able to elegantly develop in the cellar for over 10 years.

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