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CELLAR Wine Club: Summer Release

It’s been a long, hot, American summer, to borrow from popular culture in describing both the oppressive heat this year, as well as how busy we’ve been here at LiquidKosher, preparing for  fantastic Fall and Winter seasons ahead. As you’ve certainly seen by now, after many years we have moved towards sending more diverse wines per quarter, so you can taste and explore more with each shipment. Several excellent wines have become available, that it was worth sending out fewer bottles of each wine, just to give everyone the experience of tasting it. I am excited for this upgrade, to say the least, not to mention the underlying wines that necessitated this change. So without further ado, I present you the inaugural CELLAR Club Release letter with three wines instead of two. 

We have so many wonderful choices I am not quite sure where to begin. This quarter, I’m happy to finally release the 2019 Timbre Winery Pinot Noir, from Pali Vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills. Ages ago we released a 2018 Pinot from Timbre, which is still developing nicely and tasting great. When the 2019 was bottled and released last year, I felt it was not quite ready for prime time. It was a big, high intensity cuvee, from a Pinot Clone that is historically associated with vervy Champagne blends. So, I decided to bury it for a year in cold storage, and after revisiting the wine on my recent visit up to Timbre, it was clear that this was ready to be enjoyed. What a difference a year makes! This wine is a stunner, and shows exactly why the Santa Rita Hills is one of the top two or three growing regions for Pinot Noir in the state. 

Following the completely sold out, smash hit of the Castelbruck Margaux early last year, we are finally ready to release the “big brother” wine of this notable estate, the 2019 Château Haut Breton Larigaudiere. The 2019 vintage in Bordeaux is simply one for the ages. The village of Margaux, one of my most favorite Left Bank (Cabernet driven) appellations, seemed to be particularly blessed with pure, balanced fruit and wines with incredible texture. Now on our second vintage from this under the radar estate, I’m happy to deliver another high class blend which has the unique ability of being enjoyed young, or cellaring for up to 15 years. Winemaker Jean-Michel Garcion has been producing kosher blends for over 25 years, and the results have been delicious to say the least. 

If you’re like me, sometimes you need to reach for a bottle that you know will please the crowd, but also provide a meaningful wine experience to the initiated. It also should be relatively easy to pair with food, and also not require a great deal of planning ahead. After trying this wine last year, I completely fell in love and did everything I could to secure a meaningful quantity of the 2020 Pavillon de Vieux Chantre, Bordeaux. From a satellite region of St. Emilion in the Merlot driven, Right Bank of Bordeaux, this little estate is pumping out delicious wines that are punching well above their weight (and price). Perfect for pizza on Thursday but classy enough for the steak dinner. Try a bottle then try a case, and age some if you can. These fantastic wines are ready to cellar as much as they are to pop and pour. 

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