Episode 13: The Hidden Hand Behind Kosher Cult Wines with David Edelman

In this episode, we catch up with David Edelman, who has been making wine for years, and has been tasked to be one of a handful of kosher winemakers who crafts some of the most exquisite and expensive kosher wines in the world. Our program is underwritten by LiquidKosher, a curated kosher wine club and […]

Episode 12: Making of a Wine Journalist with Elizabeth Kratz

In this episode, we sit down with Elizabeth Kratz, editor of the New Jersey Jewish Link to talk about her career in journalism and her path towards learning and tasting wine, and how she eventually became the driving force behind one of the most notable kosher wine publications in the USA. Our program is underwritten […]

Episode 11: Top of the Food Chain: Master Sommelier Dan Pilkey

In this episode, the Kosher Sommelier greets wine royalty, Andrew’s good friend and colleague, Master Sommelier Dan Pilkey. Hear all about the road to becoming a Master Sommelier, a title that less than 200 people in the world have held. Dan shares countless experiences that will push you to become a more comfortable and confident […]

Episode 10: Passover Programs Behind the Scenes with Alan Berger

In this episode, we chat with Alan Berger, owner and operator of Grand Getaways Passover Resort. We discuss the ins and outs of being successful in this highly complex business, the challenges and triumphs, and of course, the incredibly deep wine program that ties it all together.  Our program is underwritten by LiquidKosher, a curated […]

Episode 9: The Road to Burgundy with Jason Berry

In this episode, we hear from boutique Burgundy importer Jason Berry, of Amitie Wines in San Diego, Calif. Jason shares his road to Burgundy as a wine lover and how he turned that passion into a successful business. Hear about why Burgundy is one of the most important wine regions, and tips to appreciate this fantastic genre at […]

Episode 8: Distilling and Tasting Spirits with Trent Tilton

In this episode, we visit local San Diego Distillery and have an extended session sixth founder and distiller Trent Tilton. Aside from his full time job as a registered nurse, he also has a second full time job fulfilling his passion with these “spiritual” pursuits. We discuss the process of distilling, how spirits get their […]

Episode 7: Wine Biz Chat with Morgan Witt

In this episode, we sit down with Morgan Witt, a local digital marketing executive who is in the process of developing his wine business plan to bring family owned wineries in front of wine collectors and restaurant buyers. We discuss the challenges of wine marketing and branding, and how to build the relationship between producer […]

Episode 6: Benyamin Cantz of Four Gates Winery – KosherSomm

Episode 6: Benyamin Cantz of Four Gates Winery, Santa Cruz, CA –  In this episode, we are interviewing a person who, at least for the kosher wine drinker, needs no introduction. Benyamin Cantz founded the Four Gates Winery on a hillside in the Santa Cruz Mountains almost 30 years ago, and never looked back. We […]

Episode 5: Yitz Applbaum – Kosher & Israel Wine Advocate

Episode 5: Yitz Applbaum –  In this episode, we travel to Oakland, California and have an interesting chat with Industry Trailblazer and Kosher Wine Collector, Yitz Applbaum.  We cover how Yitz came into a passion for wine, started several kosher wine brands, and eventually focused on his collecting. Known for his passion for Israel and […]

Episode 4: White Wine Revolution with Andrew – KosherSomm

Episode 4 – White Wine Revolution with Andrew In this episode, listen in as I share my thoughts about how we are in the midst of a kosher white wine revolution. We’ve made it this far with great kosher wines from around the world, but is there another big shift coming? Listen to where I […]

Episode 3: Joshua Klapper of Timbre Winery

In this episode, we get to know a winemaker whose name in kosher circles in gaining recognition, while he’s already quite recognized in the broader wine world. Josh Klapper founded TIMBRE Winery, formerly known as La Fenetre, focusing on Burgundian varietals in the Central Coast. We hear about Josh’s career as an award winning Sommelier […]

Episode 2: Francois Chaveriat of Domaine Chantal Lescure – KosherSomm

In this episode, we are live from the heart of Burgundy. Enjoy this enlightening conversation with Francois Chaveriat, head winemaker of Domaine Chantal Lescure in the Cote de Beaune. After tasting from the barrels, we have an interesting conversation about wine growing practices. What is the significance of organic wines? How does this play into […]

Episode Zero: The Kosher Sommelier

In this episode, get to know the host of the Kosher Sommelier Podcast, Andrew Breskin. Andrew will describe his background in the wine industry, his fascination with all things wine, and the wine business. How does one learn about tasting? What is the secret to working your way up in the wine industry? Have a […]