Episode 6: Benyamin Cantz of Four Gates Winery, Santa Cruz, CA – 

In this episode, we are interviewing a person who, at least for the kosher wine drinker, needs no introduction. Benyamin Cantz founded the Four Gates Winery on a hillside in the Santa Cruz Mountains almost 30 years ago, and never looked back. We spent over an hour together and cover interesting topics from how he got started, to his thoughts on the world of wine and winemaking.

Listen to find out how he first realized the great potential of his vineyard, how he learned about winemaking, and the mystical elements behind the name Four Gates. Mr. Cantz is a artist and craftsman, and his passion and dedication to winemaking is legendary. We had some spotty sound issues here and there, and we apologize, but the content was too good to leave off! This interview was certainly a highlight for us, and we hope you feel the same.