Winery of the Year! Domaine Roses Camille

It has been years of hard work, working hand in hand with the winery to create a balanced line of top quality, interesting wines that truly represent the beauty and diversity of the small enclave of family owned vineyards in the greater Pomerol area. With five wines from three different appellations, across price points that […]

Upon Tasting 180 Wines in 2 Days

I was recently invited to participate as a judge in the annual New York Jewish Week wine tasting. This involves the blind tasting of hundreds of wines across numerous regions and price points. The tasting is broken up by color and price point and takes place over five days, in the Jewish Week offices in […]

Bordeaux’s Sweet Side

There’s no such thing as graduation from sweet wine. Many wine lovers recall with disgust a time in their wine drinking careers where they would only drink sweet wines, and made the proud transition to dry wine only. Certainly, there is a time and place for the goopy purple stuff, which has the potential to […]

Cellar Defenders Winter Edition

Close up of Pomerol red wine cork

With the Holidays around the corner, wine consumption and enjoyment is going to reach a pretty intense level. It’s truly the highlight of the year for wine lovers; the ability to enjoy your finest vintages with some excellent food without the pressures of work and the phone going off with endless alerts. It’s a great […]

Reflections of a Surprising Tasting

Overhead shot of 2 red wine bottles and glass of red wine.

I’ve had similar conversations with Clients and Friends recently (there is much overlap between those two groups, fortunately!). We are talking about wines that were recently purchased, and I asked them how they are enjoying the new vintages. The response is almost invariably that they haven’t opened the bottle yet. Opening the bottle, at least […]