Close up of Pomerol red wine cork

Cellar Defenders Winter Edition

With the Holidays around the corner, wine consumption and enjoyment is going to reach a pretty intense level. It’s truly the highlight of the year for wine lovers; the ability to enjoy your finest vintages with some excellent food without the pressures of work and the phone going off with endless alerts. It’s a great time to enjoy the bottles you’ve been aging (like the 2006 Domaine Roses Camille), but what to do to prevent well meaning (and thirsty) family and friends from guzzling your precious elixir, when they won’t appreciate it?

Cellar defenders usually refer to wines we enjoy while our trophy bottles are aging, so we are not tempted to open too many of them before peak drinking windows. However, we can also use this term to describe wines that are suitable for general consumption with guests who like wine, but are not yet able to appreciate the nuances of truly great wine.

Our California line presents great alternatives for this situation. Glorious red wine blends, Chardonnay, and even a delightful rose are all perfect bottles you can happily consume along with your guests, while educating them on the path of fine wine enjoyment. After all, you shouldn’t have to drink the bulk stuff – these bottles are pure quality for all palates.

Another awesome alternative, and perhaps a stepping stone into drinking classic vintages would be the 2011 Moulin du Chateau La Clide. Excellent structure provides a great introduction to the classic wines of Bordeaux, with a bit of age that adds to the complexity. Must try!