Lahat and Oryah

Cellar Club: Summer Release Letter

Dear Member,

Summer is here and many of us are making up for lost time with friends, family, fun, and travel. Our last release wasn’t that long ago, but the outdoors are calling and entertaining is at the top of many peoples’ lists. So, I thought everyone should have the benefit of enjoying our always epic Summer box on the sooner side. I’m sure once you taste these wines, you’ll very much agree. 

This quarter, we are very grateful that production of our custom white and rose exclusives were not impacted by the pandemic winemaking restrictions. I wasn’t sure which way it was going to turn, but our intimate network of family owned, partner wineries never ceases to follow through. We have two fantastic wines to offer you that reflect the best of their respective categories. 

This year, our fresh crop of Rose is another single vineyard expression produced in a classic style. We produced a bespoke rose from Itay Lahat of Lahat Wines in the Upper Western Galilee. Those who have tried Itay’s wines know they are in for a real treat here. We commissioned this production with the expectation that the purity and structure that Lahat Wines are known for, would lend themselves to a classic and refreshing rose. We are thrilled to say this was the case. Fragrant, crisp, and refreshing, this wine is summer in a bottle. The wine goes down very quickly, so give yourself a heavy pour before passing the bottle to your guests. 

Following the popular inaugural vintage of Ya’acov Oryah Wines “ABC” Reserve White, we decided to attempt this wine a second time for our CELLAR Club members. This year’s version is another innovative blend, which took last year’s foundation and bulked it up a bit. Foundationally designed around Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc, this wine still incorporates a dollop of Gewurztraminer for “spice and nice,” in the words of the winemaker. Additionally, pandering to my soft spot for this varietal, a healthy amount of early-harvest Semillon was added this year. The result is a full bodied wine with delicious stone fruit elements, with zingy acidity and citrus flavors. With inviting aromatics and a refreshing flavor, this may be among the only whites you’ll ever need. 

 It’s a great time to be part of Liquid Kosher and The CELLAR Wine Club. We are releasing many exciting wines from around the world throughout the balance of 2021. Please keep checking your emails for announcements about new and exciting vintages from Domaine Roses Camille, Itay Lahat, and more. 

As always, we greatly appreciate your loyalty and hope to continue to honor you with the best and highest quality wines from around the world. 

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