CELLAR Club: Spring Release Letter

I am very excited to bring you this CELLAR Club Spring Release. This quarter, we have a stunning combination of important blends from around the world. Starting with the most alluring new blend California has to offer, and rounding out in Bordeaux with a stacked Cabernet Sauvignon dominated blend, this release will pair perfectly with Summer BBQ. It’s been an unusual challenge this year – the logistical roadblocks of our post/Covid era present a new reality in the world of moving goods from point A to B. Especially our precious wines, which we handle with kid gloves as they transfer from the winery to your table. But all the delays and associated worries will all be worth it, when you taste these new offerings. Proud to present you with our Spring Cellar Club Releases: 2019 Timbre Winery “Rare Groove” Red Blend and 2018 Château Haut-Breton Larigaudiere, Margaux

A bit of an anecdote about how the Timbre Red Blend came about for Liquid Kosher. I had known winemaker Josh Klapper for a few years and we had already done several kosher wines together. We were on the phone and I mentioned that everyone in my wine storage was raving about a luscious Central Coast Blend I had never heard of, from a winery called Brave & Maiden. I asked Josh if he’d heard of it – he chuckled and told me he was their head winemaker! We resolved at that point to come up with a kosher blend that was inspired by their flagship wine, composed of Syrah and Merlot. This is an inviting and juicy blend with a structure that will certainly charm the old world wine lovers as well. While the wine is young, it still shows very nicely after breathing for a few hours. But, expect meaningful development in the next two to five years, if you can bear to wait. 

Continuing on our evolving voyage into the Left Bank of Bordeaux, I was able to find another little gem that had been evading our radar until now. Sometimes you taste a wine and wonder where it was hiding all this time. There is a small cluster of family owned properties in the upper area of Margaux, less than a quarter mile from Labegorce and nearby estates. For the last generation, the De Schepper family has been quietly producing well regarded and top quality Bordeaux wines from across the region. They have a commitment to kosher production as they only produce kosher wines in benchmark vintages; not only when the situation allows, but when it is ideal. This year, we are finally able to source the first of several very strong vintages of this reserve Bordeaux blend, the 2018 Haut-Breton Larigaudiere. This is a Cabernet dominated blend that has tremendous weight and texture, with lovely fruit and a refined integration of oak. I am really excited about this new addition to our portfolio, and the exciting companion wines we will be delighting you with in the near future. 

Stay tuned for more updates about our forthcoming CELLAR Club releases, including our always popular White & Rosé box, and lots of allocated and highly anticipated wines for your table and cellar. Just one more thing – we try to maintain the leaner side of communication, as not to overwhelm you with emails and campaigns. But we are always available to serve you: via phone, text, email, Facebook/Instagram, or whatever means is most comfortable. Rely on us to always be there to Curate Your Collection. 

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